Huff Post Midwives Feature - Cincinnati Birth Photographer

Cincinnati Birth Photographer

We believe that birth is powerful, that women are incredible and that your birth, however it happens, should be celebrated. Addressing the stigma surrounding birth is of the many reasons that we do what we do here. So when Huff Post reached out for a feature on Midwives we are all in. 

Did you know we have some insanely incredible midwives here in Cincinnati? We do! I am so passionate about midwifery and the exceptional care women receive from midwives. Midwives are a great option for a typical pregnancy and for someone who might be looking for a more personalized pregnancy and L&D experience. 

Check out this article from Fit Pregnancy on the difference between midwives and OB's to see which kind of provider would be best for you here

Cincinnati Birth Photography

Are you, or someone you know, interested in birth photography or having a doula at your birth? Want to learn more about midwifery care? We offer free consultations to get to know each other better, discuss your birth plan and how we can work together as a seamless part of your birthing team.