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Mackenzie is one of my favorite people and Matteux's birth story is one of my favorites. It's pretty obvious that I love my job as a birth worker to anyone who meets me. I realize, often, that I have to reign it in because not everyone wants to her about placentas, face presentations and hip squeezes oh my! I love all my birth clients but it's a really incredible thing when those clients turn into good friends. 

At Mackenzie's consultation I knew we'd have a relationship well past the birth of her son. She is light. She is kindness. She mother's intuitively and loves unconditionally. She's also a doula, aspiring midwife and childbirth educator. I knew that I wouldn't have to worry about Mackenzie keeping me updating on her progress and labor. 

A few days prior to the birth I got a text saying that she thought it would be within the next few days. I always love these texts because it gives me a good idea that I should start changing my routine - driving separate to events, staying close to home, all that good stuff. On the day of the birth I got a call that Mackenzie was having mild contractions that were intensified after she left the chiropractor. She said that her and her family where going to get food and then headed home and she'd let me know if anything changed. Maybe an hour later I get another call and it's Mackenzie. I can't understand anything she's saying so I just say "Meet you at your house?" and get in my car and GO. 

I get to the house shortly after the midwife and it's a go. As a birth photographer I'm used to walking into a room, quickly assessing the situation and whipping out my camera. Mackenzie had the best support team. Her midwives, Brie and Meghan from Women's Wisdom Cincinnati, were incredible and her doula Caroline knew exactly what physical and emotional support she needed. Most importantly her husband Adam was an amazing birth partner and was so active in the labor and delivery of sweet Mattaux. Adam actually helped to catch the baby when he was born!

Home birth is such an amazing experience. Laboring and delivering in a space where you are comfortable is so empowering and the look on Mackenzie's face still brings tears to my eyes. It certainly didn't hurt having the birthing dream team on her side but all the credit goes to this amazingly strong mama who trusted her body to safely bring her son into the world. 

After some skin to skin time with mom and dad Mattaux was separated from his cord in a cord burning ceremony and we were all lucky enough to sing happy birthday to this new tiny miracle. 

Mackenzie is such an advocate for birth and birth support for women and families of color. She felt it was such an important thing to share these images and show that doulas are for everyone and that home birth is accessible to all families. 

Mackenzie, Adam & Family - Thank you for inviting me into your home, thank you for making me an honorary family member. I was so honored to document your sweet rainbow baby and can't wait to watch you change the world. 

All my love,



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Stacey Bosley