Who is birth photography really for? {Cincinnati birth photographer}


There’s an idea I hear a lot that birth photography is for “those people”, you know, the ones who push their babies out in a glistening tub of water, that look peaceful - serene even- as they deliver their baby. It’s for THOSE people, not for us regular people. “I’ll probably look like I took a ride on the hot mess express” you might think and the truth is friends you might. You might look like you have just put in the hardest work of your life with makeup down your face and crazy hair. You might be exhausted and bloated and think “Why the HELL would I want pictures of this?” But you will, that I can promise, and when you get those pictures you will only have eyes for your baby and your partner and their hands on your back, those first cries and the look on your face as you take in the tiny person you made.

Birth photography is for everyone who feels that the birth of their baby is special and deserves to be remembered well past those hazy newborn days when hormones, emotion and exhaustion wipe your memory.

Your birth is beautiful whether it takes place in your home, in a birthing center or at the hospital. It is valuable and important and it makes no difference to me whether you labor for 36 hours unmedicated or if you signed up for an elective C-Section at your first OB appointment. This is your baby’s birth and however they come into the world it will be incredible.

This is your life.
This is your birth.
This is your story. 
I can’t wait to help you tell it.