Harrison's Birth Story - Cincinnati Birth Photographers

We were fortunate enough to be able to document the birth of sweet baby Harrison. His mama was an incredibly gorgeous laborer and it was hard to narrow down our images. Kathy and Aaron were an amazing team and they worked together beautifully to bring their baby into the world. Welcome to the world Harrison (a little belated). We are so glad you're here. 

Estimated Due Date: 7/27 Actual birthday: 7/23 Time of birth: 8:15pm Weight: 11lb 1oz! Length: 22.25in Name: Harrison David Meaning of the name: Harrison was just a name we liked/agreed upon. David is my dad's name and husband's middle name

Hospital: Mercy West

Did you expect labor and delivery be this hard? Honestly, I didn't find it difficult until my water broke. I woke up at 6:30am having contractions 1 minute long, 5 minutes apart and I was already 6cm dilated! Trying to stay in the moment, making sure my body was relaxed, and breathing it out really helped when things started ramping up.

Did you take any classes to prepare yourself for labor? Yes, Bradley classes

If you could change one thing about your labor and delivery what would it be? Absolutely nothing. It was such a positive experience. I had the most amazing birth team anyone could ask for. Even though it didn't go to plan, I'd still make the same choices.

What was the most unexpected thing during l&d? Having an 11 lb baby vaginally. He was estimated to be 8-9lbs! Also, how fantastic and supportive the staff was at mercy west. I didn't feel like a "patient" there.

What was your husbands most unexpected thing during l&d? "his size" lol

What calmed you down during l&d? My doula, Kacey, was amazing. I absolutely believe laboring would not have been the same without her there. With Kacey as my physical support (leaning on her, massage and counter pressure for days!), my husband could focus on being my emotional support and it was exactly what I needed.

When you first saw your baby what was your first thought? "Oh hey, it's you!" and "Thank god this is over."

Who does he look like? Me! He definitely has my cheeks.

What was your experience having a birth photographer with you during l&d? I loved it. People think wedding photography is important; the emotions of marrying your spouse pales in comparison to the emotions of welcoming your child into the world. I wanted to find someone that could capture the love and raw emotion of the event. Stacey was amazing. She knew just when to crack a joke or blend into the background. I'm so happy I have these images and I would definitely want Stacey there if I was having another baby!